Jules Hamilton, renaissance man, is co-founder and author of the culture & lifestyle blog Polyglamorous. Through his umbrella company  Innomatic Studios, Jules freelance writes; occasionally produces corporate, commercial, and fashion videos; and works on camera. He formerly co-hosted a monthly panel called The Futurist Sessions at NYC’s SoHo House, speaking alongside entrepreneurs and philosophers. He’s developing an animated series, a satire on hacking and virtual reality with co-creator & animator Lev Polyakov. Jules is a proud ambassador for the non-profits A Generation Empowered and Lifespan.io.


Lev & Jules Break the Rules


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Being a culture jamming change-artist is not easy. It's a labor of love that requires at different times vision, research, engagement, facilitation, and community building toward manifestation.

There are risks that come with being a change-artist and swimming upstream, sometimes against strong currents. Some pay off, many don't.

With your support I will be able to continue doing more work that I love: modeling pro-bono for arts sake, memetic quilting on my tumblr "Code and Emotion," sharing noteworthy & scoured news + science + woo, occasional video & still production, and writing.

In the left column there are a number of ways to donate if you'd like. If you feel so inspired, anything you give is deeply appreciated. 🖤

Thank you all so much for continuing with me and believing in me through ups and downs, giving me the resources and the spirit to provocatively continue sharing my soul, hopefully spreading smiles, igniting curiosity, and uplifting and enlivening others by so doing. 🙏

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